You are what you eat

Greatest Idea Ever

There are 8 characters in all, plus the DM.

DM-Girl-Poetry (History Play)
Fatima Middle Eastern

1) (Girl) Jon/Arya NEW-Film
White Kate, Camera Women, massachusetts

2) (Guy) Jon Arynt- Cat/Sansa-Sociology
Esteban, Cuban American, hyper focus on realism, he is from Florida.

3) (Girl) Ned/Rob- Philosophy
Emily Chu: Canto Chinese-American, extremely wealthy, California.

4) (Girl) Selmy- Tyrion/Sam-Political Science
Jasmine Bland: African American, Georgian

5) (Guy)Robert/Bran- Doctor
Charles (Charlie) Texas, White (not a WASP)

6) (Guy) Renly/Theon NEW-Acting
White William WASP South Carolina

7) (Girl) Littlefinger-Tyrion’s Sister (Only every other week) Kimberly Bland Littlefinger


Player 7- (Guy) Rhaegar-Drogo/Mormont-
Madhur Sharma British Indian

PLayer 8- (Girl) Sword of the Morning/Danny-Central Asian

Hayashi Natsuko Japanese (not Japanse-American)


Robert- Playing Character, gets himself killed by rolling

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