Side Quests

GOALS. Doing any one of these gets XP

1) Obtain all 100 Gold Skulltanas within the realm
Reward- Access to

2) Obtain every wizard spell via scrolls

3) Obtain every Magi spell via reagents

4) Obtain every Magnus spell via crystals

5) Obtain every alchemist spell via potions

6) Obtain every psionic spell via runes

7) Obtain every fighter special move via ancient warrior. Shield Bash, Spin attack, finishing move

8) Get all 100 Skull Necklaces
Reward- Heart Piece

9) Get 50 Knight’s Crests
Reward- Heart Piece, the ability to access a tiger school

10) Get 150 Joy Penets
Reward- A house, and heart container.

11) Obtain every magic item (with a description), and upgrade every item
11a) Get every single magic mask
11b) Get every single magic ring

12) Get all of the Secret Seashells
Reward: The Seashell Sword, and a Piece of a heart

13) Win all the archery games

Reward- Medium Quiver

14) Win all of the Slinshot games

Reward: Medium Bullet pouch

15) Win the fishing games

Reward- Piece of a heart, Gold Scale

16) Win all of the Dice Poker competitions

Reward- Money, and a Piece of a heart

17) Win all of the boxing matches

Reward- A

18) Win all of the arm wrestling matches

19) Win all of the wrestling matches

20) Get all of the Magic Beans

21) Get as many Poe Imps as possible

22) Upgrade your wallet as big as possible

23) get all of the Gratitude Crystals

24) Win the singing competitions

25) Teach the singing Frogs every single song

26) Speak to every single awakened animal

27) Get every single fairy Fountain (21 in all)

28) Get 100 Poe Souls

29) Kill 10 Big Poes

30) Learn every Spellsinger Song via Zelda style musical quests

31) Get all 36/52/44/45 PIeces of a heart

32) Talk to every single Gossip Stone (500)

33) Catch 30 Bugs and 15 butterflies

34) Take a picture of every character

35) Master every Keaton Quiz

36) Kill all of the Bigoctos

37) Get all 36 magic bottles

38) Get all of the Charts, including the Beedle Shop charts, the Island Hearts chart, the Octo Chart, the In-Credible chart, the Great Fairy Chart, the Ghost Ship Chart, The Moon Chart, the Moon Gate Chart, The Sea hart Chart, the Submarine Chart, and the 41 treasure charts

39) Map each region

40) Encounter every monster and add them to the monster book/read every monster book codex

41) Get every single Gasha seed (Gasha seeds grow faster if you perform Choleric Actions)

42) Find every single secret area

43) Obtain every Mage spell by speaking to a Fade Creature

44) Get the largest Bomb Bag, Wallet, Quiver, Sling holder etc.

45) Speak to every Owl Statue

46) Get all of the Golden Bugs

47) Defeat all of the Golden Enemies

48) Create every Elixer (via bring monster body parts and mixing them)

49) Get every sign (By finding the sign posts)

50) Get every single Cleric SPell via finding the Sky/Earth/Underwold Gem combinations for them.

51) Get every single Psion spell via getting the tatoo needed

52) Do 3 quests for all 16 Daedra

53) Do 1 quest for Each of the Aedra

54) Do 9 quests for each of the Tirbunals

55) Get every single Martial Adept item via Tiger Scrolls

56) Get every single martial artist moves via quests or shops

57) Get all of the Kinstones and learn every Shadow caster power via that.

58) Get all of the stray fairies

59) Get every truename power via discovering truenames

60) Get every Arcanist spell via combining magic words

61) Get all 27 Goddess Cubes and the Corresponding chest

62) Find all 100 Nirnroot

63) Open Every Demon Door

64) Find Every Single Silver Key

65) Every Single Will User Spell via Rare Books

66) Get all of the Children Dolls

67) Every single Vistage Shrine

68) Pull out the sword of the stone via high strength

69) Get every single Warlock spell via potions

70) Get every single Bender movement via martial artist

71) Get every single Magician spells via solving riddles.

72) Get full honor with every faction (doesn’t have to keep that)

73) Get every single Mount

74) Get all 8 Dragon Priest Masks and place them on an Alter

75) Max out the 8 Virtues of the way of the Avatar/Learn Each Mantra/purify each shrine

76) Defeat the anti virtues for the Way of the Avatar by defeating each Dungeon

77) Master the 3 Principles of the way of the Avatar by doing a quest for each

78) Defeat the 3 anti Principles by finding the Shards and defeating the Shadowlords tied to them.

79) Master the 3 Quests of the Fellowship before exposing them as fucking frauds

80) Master the 8 Gargoyle virtues, find all 8 mantras, and purify each alter. Perform a quest for each Gargoyle principle

81) Become a Lord in every seasonal court, by performing great deeds for them and acquiring fame.

82) Get 150 Reputation.

83) reassemble the Crown of Barenziah

84) Get all of the Heirloom items

85) Collect all of the Dragon Shouts

86) Become the master of the Chariot Races

87) win all of the Goron Races

88) Win all of the horse races

89) Win the Deku leaf flying contest

90) Win the boat competition

91) Master the Cave of Trials

92) Get every single companion

93) Beat the Ghost Races in under a minute

94) Win the horse archery contest

95) Win all of the dancing contests

96) Complete the Musem of Oddities

97) get all of the Sanguin items

98) Win at EB

99) Win at Scavenger Hunts

100) Become Arena champion

101) Become the greater Warrior EVER

102) Win Red Light

103) Learn every single cooking recipe

104) Tri Force, 8 pieces of each piece, which must be forged together

The first 8 (triforce of Courage) can be found in the ocean. You must find the 8 Triforce Charts (Costing 8,000 Gold each) and then found in the ocean. They can be brought together at a large dungeon

The Second, the Triforce of Wisdom, can be found in 8 dungeons

105) Get the 33 Anti Cubs, 32 cubs, 4 artifacts, 64 cube bits, 33 Great Cubes and 3 corners


Heart Pieces

1) Burn a tree with an ember seed

2) Reached with Magnet Gloves

3) Reached with Hook Shot

4) Reached with Long Shot

5) Reached with Claw Shot

6) Reached with Duel Claw Shot

7) reached with Switch Shot

8) Reached with Long Switch Shot

9) Reached with Roc’s Feather

10) Reached with Roc Cape

11) Reached with Reached with Pegasus Boots

12) Reached with Pegasus Seeds + Rock Feather

13) Found with Shovel

14) Found with Gasha

15) Found with Magic Beans

16) Found with Mole Mitts

17) Found with Power Bracelet

18) Found with Power Glove

19) Found with Titan’s Mitt

20) Found with Silver Gauntlet

21) Found with Gold Gauntlet

22) Found with Goron Gauntlet

23) Found with 2-D Braclet

24) Found with Silver Scale

25) Found with Golden Scale

26) Found with Zora Flippers

27) Found with Mermaid Suit

28) Found with Hover Boots

29) Found with Iron Boots

30) Found with Bombs

31) Found with Hyper Slingshot

32) Found with bombchus

33) Found with Bomblings

34) Found with Super Bomb

35) Found with Bomb Arrows

36) Found with Fire Arrow

37) Found with Bow

28) Found with Spinner

29) Found with Ice Arrow

30) Found with Light Arrow

31) Found with Seed Shooter

32) Found with Hyper Slingshot

33) Found with Tornato Rod

34) Found with Sand Rod

35) Found with Blue Fire

36) Found in Wolf Form

37) Found with Mooshie

38) Found with Dimetri

39) Found with Ricky

40) Found in Goron Form

41) Found in Zora Form

42) Found in Deku Form

43) Found in Gerudo Form

44) Found with the Skull Hammer

45) Found with Megaton Hammer

46) Found with the MInish Cap

47) Found with Fire Rod

48) Found with Ice Rod

49) Found by bumping into Maple

50) Bought

51) Bought by the Elite store

52) Found with the Magic Cloak

53) Found with Din’s Fire

54) Found with Quake Medallion

55) Found with Ether Medallion

56) Bombos Medallion

57) Found with Magic Boomerang

58) Found with Boomerang

59) Found with Gush Bommerang

60) Found with the Four Sword

61) Found with Lantern

62) Found with Domination Rod

63) Found with the aqua Bomb

64) Found with Fishing Rod

65) Found with Ball and Chain

66) Found with the Bow of Light

67) Found with the beetle

68) Found with the Beetle

69) Found with the Beetle

70) Found with the Bettle

71) Found with Sacred Bow

72) Found with Fireshield Earrings

73) Found with the Goron’s Tunic

74) Found with the Zora’s Tunic

75) Found with the whip

76) Found with the Scatter Shot

77) Found with the Gus Jar

78) Found with the Gus Bellows

79) Found with Water Dragon’s Scale

80) Found while Sailing

81) Found with a Breath Potion

82) Found with the Grabbling Hook

83) Found with Hyoi Pear

84) Found with Chain Chomp

85) Found with a Gnat Hat

86) Found the Postman’s Mask

87) Found with the Lenses of Truth

88) Found with the Mask of Truth

89) Found with Mirror Shield

90) Found with Mystery Seeds

91) Found with Scent Seeds

92) Found with Magic Rod

93) Found with the Mystic Powder

94) Found with the Fall Rod

95) Found with Winter Rod

96) Found with Spring Rod

97) Found with Summer Rod

98) Found with Cane of Somaria

99) Found with the TUne of Echoes

100) Found with the Tune of Ages

101) Found with the Tune of Currents

102) Found with the Shield

103) Found with the Sword

104) Found with the Moon Pearl

105) Found with the Cane of Byrna

106) Found with the Book of Mudora

107) Found with hte Magic MIrror

108) Found wiht Magnifying Lens

109) Found with hte Mystery Shells

110) Found with the Deku Stick

111) Found with the Shard of Agony

112) Found with the Keaton Mask

113) Found with the Spooky Mask

114) Found with the Skull Mask

115) Found with the Power Keg

116) Found with the All Night’s Mask

117) Found with the Bremen Mask

118) Found with the Don Gero Mask

119) Found with the Scent Mask

120) Found with the Romani Mask

121) Found with the Circus Leader’s Mask

122) Found with the Kamoro’s Mask

123) Found with Couple’s Mask

124) Found with Garo’s Mask

125) Found with Gibdo Mask

126) Found with Giant’s Mask

127) Found with Captain’s Hat

128) Found with Couple’s Mask

129) Found with Kafei’s Mask

130) Found with the Magic CLock

131) Found with a Phantom Hourglass

132) Found with the Raft

133) Found with the Fairy Recorder used to drain the lake

134) Found with the Fairy Flute

135) Found with the Song of Healing

136) Found with Song of Discovery

137) Found with the Song of Birds

138) Found with the Song of LIght

139) Found with Song of Mystery

140) Found with the Ballad’s of Goddess

141) Found with the Song of the Hero

142) Found with Farore’s Courage

143) Found with Nayru’s Wisdom

144) Found with Din’s Power

145) Found with the Pope’s of Awakening

146) Found with the GUitar of Waves

147) Found with the Drums of Sleep

148) Found with Zelda’s Lullaby

149) Find with the Wind’s Requiem

150) Found with the Song of Passing

151) Found with Ballad of Gales

152) Found with Command Melody

153) Found with Earth God’s Lyric

154) Found with Wind God’s Aria

155) Found with Epona’s Song

156) Found with the Hawk grass

157) Found with a Treasure Map

158) Found with the All Purpose Bait

159) Found with Irene’s Bell

160) Found with Manbo’s Mambo

161) Found with Ballad of the Wind Fish

162) Found with Frog’s Song of the Soul

163) Found with the flying Bird

164) Found with the Piccolo of Wind

165) Found with Saria’s Song

166) Found with Song of Time

167) Found with the Sun Song’s

168) Found with the Song of Storms

169) Found with hte Minuet of the Forest

170) Found with the Bolero of Fire

171) Found with Serenade of Water

172) Found with the Requiem of Spirit

173) Found with the Nocturne of Shadow

174) Found with the Prelude of Light

175) Found with the Scarecrow Song

176) Found with the Goron Lullaby

177) Found with the Song of Soaring

178) Found with the New Wave Bossa Nova

179) Found with the Elegy of Emptiness

180) Found with the Oath of Order

181) Found with the Inverted Song of Time

182) Found with the Song of Double Time

183) Found after going a tightrope

184) Found when you break a Chandelier

185) Found with a Goddess Cube

186) found with a Flight Wind

187) Found with a Remote Bomb

188) Found wandering around the over world

189) Found at Beedle’s Cave after you buy 300 items

190) After the Soup Game

191) After you help with the harvest

192) If you hit a random wall to find a secret passage

193) If you do a good performance at the bar

194) Found with the Dowsing sword

195) If you win the Dodoh Party Ball

196) Found if you defeat the Great Mobling

197) Found when you Find hte Ghost ship

198) Found if you beat the Ricky Coaster Mini Game

199) Found when you have made every single potion

200) Found with a Rito

201) Found with Kortock

202) Found with the Telescope

203) Found in the Secret Shop

204) Found after you win the Take em All On challenge

205) Found after you find the 5 Rabbits

206) Found when you get every one of the Bugs

207) Found from the Russell Sword Game

208) Found when you win the Whip Race

209) Found win a Kin stone

210) Found when you win a Kin stone

211) Found when you win a kin stone

212) Found when you win a kin stone

213) Found when you win a kin stone

214) When you have gotten all of the Kin Stones in the world

215) After you win the Papuchia village

216) Found when you get all of the Force Gems

217) Found when you do the Rance Game

218) Found when you run into a tree

219) Found by jumping over a series of rocks

220) Found after you win the Herding Mini Game with your Horse

221) After getting all of hte Hero’s Charms

222) After winning the Free Archery Contest

223) Found with Hawk Mask

224) Found with the Tingle Bomb

225) Found with the weighted Lure Fishing Hook

226) Found with the stone breaker technique

227) Found after jumping over three Goron people

228) Found after winning the dancing contest

229) Found after winning the boxing context

230) found after winning the bombchu bowling

240) You get it if you steal it from the Store

250) Found when you use the Water of Life

251) Found when you use the Hot Spring Water

252) Found when you win the Crossbow Challenge

253) Obtained with the Golden Bee

254) Found when you win the Keaton Challenge

255) Found when you raise the Giant Pig

256) Found when you use the Howling Stone

257) Found while riding Epona

258) Found when you get all of the Joy Pennants

259) Found when you get all of the Skull Necklaces

260) found when you get 150 Knight’s Crests

261) Found when you get all of the Golden Feather

262) Found when you get the Boko Baba Seeds

263) Found when you finish the Moblin Romance subplot

264) Found with the Like Like Ring

265) Found with the Subrozion Ring

266) Found with the Moblin Ring

267) Found with the Octorock Ring

268) When you get all of the Secret Seashells

269) When you win the Dice Poker Games

270) Win the Sumo Wrestling

271) Win Red Light Green Right

272) Win the Sword Bat game

273) Teach the Singing Frogs

274) Find all of the Fairy Fountain

275) Talk in the Gossip Stone

276) Find the Golden Bugs

277) Defeat the Golden Enemies

278) Win the Race Game

279) Win the Long distance Race

280) Win the Horse Archery Game

281) Shoot the random target

282) Find the Last Demon Door

283) Found with all of the Silver Keys

284) Win the Goron Race

285) Win the Horse Race

286) WIn the Deku Leaf race

287) Win the Tower of Tribulation

288) Beat the Ghost Race

289) Finish the Museum of Oddities

290) Get every single cooking recipe

291) Win the Cannon Game

292) Win Target Carts

293) Win the Diving Game

294) Win the Treasure Chest Contest

295) Win the Treasure Competition

296) Win the SUper cucco Game

297) Win the Cuccu Scavenger Hunt

298) Win the Cuccu Dodge Game

299) Win the Baseball Game

300) Win the Sling Shot Archery contest

301) Clock Shooting Game

302) Swamp Shooting Game

303) Win the Fish Shooting Game

304) Win the Pumpkin Pull

305) Win the Big Bang Game

306) Win Wild Tokay

307) Win Hide and Seek

308) Win the Lottery Game

309) Win the Deku Scrub Playground

310) Find the Correct Dog

311) Win the Doggy Races

312) Win the Beaver Race

313) Get all of the Pig Poes

314) Win the Trendy Game

315) Win the Thrill Digger

316) Win the Basket Bomb

317) Finish the Target Shooting Game

318) Win the Fisherman’s Jumping Game

319) Win the Musical Session

320) Win the Lottery

321) Win the Swordsman’s School

322) Win the Star Game

323) Win Mail Shooting

324) Win the Treasure Field Game

325) Win the Rikety Coaster

326) Win the Snowboarding game

327) Win Clean Cut

328) Win the Bug Heaven Game

329) Get all of the Gold Skulltana’s

330) Win the Barrel Shoot Game

331) Win the Training Game

332) Win Sinking Ships

333) Win the Terropin Hockey

334) Win the Auction

335) Win the Boomerang Game

336) Win Mole Melee

337) Win Monster Hunting

338) win the Whip Race


Side Quests

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