Video game Morality System

New Conception

None of these systems can be seen by the player, each of these systems is hidden. The player can find out that they exist ONLY through magic items within game, and texts. Some of the texts detail systems that don’t actually exist.

This is the most obvious, various decisions will have various effects depending on your actions. Certain items cannot be used by certain classes. No Alignment options will ever be denied to a character. These are hinged upon the decisions at fixed plot points, the only gameplay decisions are.


This is choose entirely through your dialogue options, not your choices so much as the way you say them, IE Dragon Age II

Red: Aggressive- You are insulting, aggressive, and in people’s face.

White: Helpful, trying to appeal to people’s best interests.

Green: Diplomatic, trying to negotiate and reasons with people

Black: Sarcastic, you mock people, make jokes out of situations, and don’t take anything seriously.

Blue: Charming, your are mostly focused on making yourself likable.

Yellow: Direct, you get to the point, cut the crap, and dispel illusions

Basically these are decided by small specific actions taken over the course of the game, depending upon the various small actions in the game.

These are chosen by gameplay style before anything else

If you Prioritize the newest quest
Certain quests have “time limits” not in the sense that the quest will go away if you don’t do it in time, but in the sense that if you take a long time to do the quest, you are less likely to get this one
Focus mostly in upgrading the main city before anything else
Play the “Stronghold” Games as much as possible

If you constantly check up on your companions
If you pause to let the voice overs finish what the characters are saying in terms of non cut scene conversations
Try your best to collect as many people into your family.

If you focus on getting acheiviments, if you make an effort to win the various competitive side games, if you compete for the title of champion, and if you try to get as much XP as possible
Defeat as many optional bosses as possible
Always pick locks and disarm traps if possible

IF you wear equiptment that isn’t the best, but focus instead on getting stats.
Heal your character constantly and try to keep yourself from having low health.
Constantly check back at home, and make an effort to talk to your family every time
Do as many companion quests as possible

Read all of the codex
Examining the various items
Spending a long time in certain locations

Collect every special item in the game
Hoard items
Don’t bother healing yourself, stay in low health if it saves items
Constantly prepare, always change the tactics, check your equipment frequently, and always play up certain aspect of the game

Try to get as many companions as possible
Try to explore every possible dialogue option
Constantly try out different weapons and fighting styles
Wear new outfits
Finish every single quest in the game

Do as many finishing death blows as possible
Have sex frequently with various side characters
Play with the companion cube
Play with pets constantly
Always play with cosmetic
Jump all the time

Hide as much as possible
Avoid fights
Sneak often
Save frequently
Avoid Risks

Depending on your choices at the start of the game

Video game Morality System

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