STR 10
CON 11
DEX 13
ADR 14
INT 15
WIS 17
SPI 17
CHA 18
HP 23

Autohypnosis 6
Charm 30
Heal 7
Intimidate 7
Knowledge Arcana 5
Knowledge Nobility 12
Perception 20
Sense Motive 13
Psicraft 22


Lidena, usually called Lida, grew up in the court in Muskovi. She never told anyone about her psionic abilities, even though her family had explained them to her. When she was 15, she yelled at another member of court who she felt was being hypocritical and to shut her up he challenged her to a duel. She beat him, because psions find it easy to resist the powers of mages, and received a lot of attention because it was unclear how she won. She charmed the king with her bluntness and wound up becoming a kind of jester. She tried to help those around her, but never really understood how her system worked and therefore never used her power to fix the system. Now that she is encountering poverty, she’s assuming that meritocracy is the problem. For some reason, she’s particularly sympathetic toward mutants.


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